BMWE Lodge 3014

Pennsylvania Federation

Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Division
of the
International Brotherhood of Teamsters



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Local Union Representatives

Have a question or a problem? Contact your representatives.

General Chairman - Jed Dodd

President 3014 - Vince Bennett

Secretary Treasurer - Gene Anirina

Vice Chairman - Kevin Hussey   Fax 732.251.6460

B&B Local Chairman - Dave Wilson

Track Local Chairman - Cliff Law

Time Claim Forms (Fill it out online, print form out and send it to your Union Representative)

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Union Links

BMWE Grand Lodge

BMWE Legislative Dept - Wash DC

Pennsylvania Federation  

Commuter Railroad System Federation

BLE - Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers

UTU - United Transportation Union

BRS - Brotherhood of Railway Signalmen

Ron Friend's Site

USWA - United Steelworkers Union of America

Local 1214- Burlington System Federation

Local 1320 - Burlington System Federation

Teamsters For a Democratic Union

Union Members Web 

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Healthcare & Vanguard

VSP - Vision Care 800-877-7195
Vanguard     -     Online access to your 401K
Aetna Dental Benefits  877-277-3368
Caremark Prescription 800-378-0182
Amtrak Mental Health 888-267-5261
Unitedhealthcare  888-675-7245
Provident Life, Supplemental Disability  800-542-4231
Prudential Life Insurance  800-524-0542
Amplan Help Line  800-481-4887

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Helpful Railroad Links

United States Railroad Retirement Board
View your Service & Compensation History,
Apply for
unemployment benefits
or get an estimate for your annuity rate.


Federal Railroad Administration

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Links To Help in the Fight For Amtrak & Our Contract

BMWE Legislative Dept - Wash DC

Click here to make contact with Congress on behalf of Amtrak

Save Amtrak web site!


House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure - Deciding Amtrak's future

Congressional Email & Homepage Directory

National Mediation Board  (These are the folks that screw us every contract!)

Congress- See How Your Senator Voted

Congress- See How Your Representative Votes


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FELA Attorney
Keller & Goggin, P.C.


It should be noted the The Keller & Goggin law firm is not a designated attorney for the BMWE but many members have been very satisfied with their services. They are well known in the area to handle railroad worker accidents and injuries.


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Other Useful Links

Union Scholarship Website

Job Openings At Amtrak

Democracy in Action

Teamsters for a Democratic Union.




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